Why Is My Hedgehog So Angry? (Detailed Information)

Different house pets have different moods, and you have to be careful when handling them. Hedgehogs are cute little animals, but temperament is something most pet owners worry about. Hedgehogs make good pets if you know how to handle them.

So, why is my hedgehog so angry? There are several reasons why your hedgehog could be so angry, and one of them is its personality. Most hedgehogs do not like other animals and will always be angry when you approach them. Some can be trained to be more social and become less angry as they get used to their owner’s presence. It can take time for your hedgehog to like you, so you have to be patient and gentle.

Every pet owner wants to spend time with their pet doing various activities. However, it is difficult to enjoy spending time with your hedgehog if it is always in a bad mood. Read on to find out if hedgehogs get angry, why they will hissing at you, how to calm a grumpy or angry hedgehog, and why your hedgehog is so mean.

Do Hedgehogs Get Angry?

The pets in our homes can get angry if things do not go the way they like. When it comes to hedgehogs, several things can make them angry.

Hedgehogs do get angry, especially if things around them do not fit what they prefer. One of the reasons why hedgehogs get angry is being petted constantly. Not all hedgehogs like to be picked up and handled by their owners. An angry hedgehog will start to hiss anytime you try to pick it up. If you want to bond with your hedgehog, you have to be persistent but gentle. If it likes you, it will stop getting angry every time you approach it.

Hedgehogs can also get angry during quilling. Quilling in hedgehogs is when the old spikes on their backs fall off and get replaced by new quills. It is a painful process that can leave your hedgehog in a bad mood. Your hedgehog will get angry because it wants to spend time alone while quilling. You can help reduce the discomfort caused by quilling by inspecting their backs to check for ingrown quills or infections. Your hedgehog will trust you if you show it that you mean no harm.

angry hedgehog
Angry hedgehog

The personality of your hedgehog will determine if they get angry or not. A hedgehog will not like you immediately when you take it home from the pet store. It takes time before a hedgehog can trust you, and during this period, you should expect numerous bouts of anger. If you picked a more social hedgehog, you would have a cute pet who spends time with you. If you picked an anti-social hedgehog, you might end up with an angry pet that does not like to be touched. 

Why Is My Hedgehog Hissing at Me?

Different household pets have different ways of communicating with their owners. Hedgehogs produce various sounds as a way of communication to their owners and other pets. One of the sounds that hedgehogs make is a hissing sound.

Hissing is part of your hedgehog’s defense mechanism. When a hedgehog is scared or angry, it will start to hiss as a way of warning you or the other pets to stay away. If your hedgehog is hissing at you, you should avoid it until it calms down. If you have to pick up your hedgehog, use a thick towel to hold your hedgehog. If it stops hissing after a few interactions, you can now hold your hedgehog with your bare hands.

The new environment will also make your hedgehog hiss. Hedgehogs dislike change, and when you take them from the pet store to your home, they can get stressed because of the new environment. Your hedgehog will hiss a lot during its first few weeks in its new home until they get used to the smell and sound in their new home. If you want to change your hedgehog’s housing, do it gradually so that your hedgehog can get used to it easily.

Another thing that can cause your hedgehog to hiss is irritation and illness. If your hedgehog is sick or has an infection, it will not like any physical contact. Hissing is the best way your hedgehog will let you know that you should keep a distance between them. If your hedgehog is hissing because of irritation or illness, you should visit a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

How Do I Calm a Grumpy or Angry Hedgehog?

When you have a grumpy or angry hedgehog, you have to find ways to calm it down. There is no way you are going to cuddle with an angry hedgehog.

The first thing you should do is let your hedgehog get used to your smell. Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and rely mostly on smell to identify people or pets around them. If your hedgehog does not recognize your smell, it might become grumpy or angry whenever you approach it. Ensure you use one single brand of soap when washing your hands. Do not use heavily scented soaps to wash your hands before handling your hedgehog.

You should also avoid sudden movements when you are around your hedgehog. If your hedgehog is grumpy or angry, do not suddenly pick it up and move it to another place. This will only make things worse. You can leave the hedgehog alone or calmly pick it up.

Hedgehogs do not trust human beings. Therefore, you will not start a cool relationship with your hedgehog on the first day. Your hedgehog is going to be grumpy and angry, and you have to spend some time with it. At first, your hedgehog will remain curled up but do not let that deter you. The more time you spend with your hedgehog, the more it trusts you. After some time, your hedgehog will be comfortable around you and will be less grumpy.

You should also wait until your hedgehog is fully active before interacting with it. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, meaning they spend most of their day sleeping. When they wake up in the evening, hedgehogs require some alone time, just like some human beings. If you approach and pick up your hedgehog right after waking up, it will be grumpy or angry. When your hedgehog wakes up, give it a few minutes to become active before handling it.

Why Is My Hedgehog So Mean?

Your hedgehog will be defensive and aggressive after getting it from the pet store or breeder for a few weeks or months. Most people will care for their hedgehog, thinking they will be friendly to them immediately and get disappointed when their pet does the opposite.

It is a common mistake to think that your hedgehog is mean to you. When you get your hedgehog from the pet store, it does not hate you. Your hedgehog is yet to trust you; hence, its behavior. Your hedgehog will curl up, hiss, puff, or run away if you approach it. However, after spending time with your hedgehog, it will begin to trust you.

Sometimes, hedgehogs will take longer to trust their owner. You might be taking care of your hedgehog for several months, but it still hisses or puffs at you when you handle it. Bonding with your hedgehog can be a frustrating and unrewarding experience. Some hedgehogs may like you after a few months, but others will stay defensive for the rest of their lives.

Illness and quilling can also cause your hedgehog to be mean to you. If your hedgehog has an infection, it will do everything to avoid you. Quilling is very painful, and a friendly hedgehog can be mean because of quilling. You should always check on your hedgehog to see what is the cause of their mean behavior.

One way to make your hedgehog bond with you is to ensure your scent stays consistent. Hedgehogs will smell your hands and will use the scent to identify you. If your scent keeps changing every day, the chances of you bonding with your hedgehog become very low. You can use your shirt or any other cloth to hold your hedgehog.

Bonding with your hedgehog will take some time, so do not give up. Once your hedgehog bonds with you, it will keep its mean behaviors to a minimum. There are many tricks you can use each day to win over your hedgehog. All you have to do is be consistent and patient. Once a hedgehog trusts you, they become wonderful pets.


Hedgehogs are wonderful pets, but their temperament is something new owners worry about. Hedgehogs can get angry from time to time, and you can calm them down using the methods suggested in this article. It is important to pay attention to the noises your hedgehog makes. Hissing means your hedgehog does not want to be bothered.

Hedgehogs are prey, and since human beings are bigger than them, they do not trust us. During the first few weeks or even months, your hedgehog will be scared of you. You have to assure your hedgehog that you will not harm it to increase your chances of bonding with it. If you cannot develop a strong bond with your hedgehog, you might have to stay with a defensive pet that does not like you going near it.

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