What Supplies do I Need for a Hedgehog?

Pygmy Hedgehog Cages

We use a ZooZone Habitat Large cage as it was the biggest cage at the time of buying our hedgehog. The following cages make good choices as they are big enough:


It’s great to bring your hedgehog out of the cage once in a while and let them roam free in a safe environment like a playpen.

You can also make your own playpen using tiles like these:

Pygmy Hedgehog Houses

Pygmy Hedgehogs need a safe place to hide and sleep. An Igloo type house makes a perfect addition to any cage.

Running Wheels

Pygmy Hedgehogs need exercise and what better way than to use a running wheel.

Make sure you get the Kaytee wheel in 12-inch size and not 8.5 inches.

Pygmy Hedgehog Vivariums

Choosing a vivarium instead of a cage for a pygmy hedgehog needs a large vivarium like the one below:

In the UK and Europe, you can choose the following vivarium:

Heat Pad Mats

If you have a plastic cage then using a Heat Pad Mat is essential in keeping your hedgehog warm. For UK and European customers the Petnap Heat Pad Mat is available (check prices on Amazon UK).

If you’re on the move or need a temporary heating source, then a portable heat mat pad could be ideal.

Heat Lamps

For vivarium owners, a heat lamp (ceramic heat emitter) can keep the hedgehog warm, however, I would still suggest a heat pad mat for their housing area.

For UK and European customers the Vansuky 100W AC220V-240V Reptile pet appliances flat-type Infrared Ceramic heat lamp is available on Amazon UK (check prices on Amazon UK).

Heat Lamps need a compatible heat lamp holder.

With a guard to make sure your hedgehog is protected, should the heat lamp become loose?

Thermostats & Thermometers

Heating needs to be controlled and automatically switch on when the temperature drops below a safe level. For the UK and Europe the Swiftair Hydroponics Thermostat is a good choice (check prices on Amazon UK)

Pygmy Hedgehog Bedding & Liners

Paper-based bedding options include:

Fabric based bedding options include:

Cage liners are a great option as they can be easily replaced once they have been soiled.

Pygmy Hedgehog Food

Dry cat biscuits for indoor cats should be the staple diet for pygmy hedgehogs. For UK and Europe, check out Go-Cat for Indoor Cats with Chicken and Added Garden Greens Dry Cat Food (check price on Amazon UK).

Treats are great and in moderation, they are loved by pygmy hedgehogs.

Wet Cat Food (canned cat food) can also be used but as it’s not as nutritious as dry cat biscuits, it should not be used as a pygmy hedgehog’s main source of food.

Pygmy Hedgehogs love insects and as an occasional treat there’s no harm in giving them insects.

You’ll need a food dish that’s heavy enough to not get tipped over, to serve food and water. For UK and Europe, check out Rosewood Naturals Twin dish (check price on Amazon UK).

Do check to see if there have been no recent recalls, just to make sure the quality of any food is not compromised.

Pygmy Hedgehog Accessories

There are plenty of accessories for pygmy hedgehogs, designed to bring comfort, play and be useful enough for things like bathing.

We use a storage bin as a bath:

Don’t forget some oatmeal to add into an old sock and use for moisturising.

Or use a commercial moisturising bath wash:

How about a sand bath, so they can do some burrowing and playing?

A good hand sanitising gel is essential to keep your hands clean and germs at bay:

We use a portable cord-free vacuum cleaner:

Some owners prefer to use a litter tray in the cage.

Cleaning the cage without a vacuum:

Nail Clippers

See what your pygmy hedgehog is doing during the night using a night vision camera: