Recommended products

We have spent many hours researching the best hedgehog products on the market. Most of these items are used by us and can be recommended based on experience.

Keep in mind, however, that these items are not necessarily all the high-end items. Our goal on this page is to recommend products that are used by us, offer good value for money and are of a high-quality standard. We also discuss alternative items that we feel offer good value and could be used.

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Ethical Recommendations

Unlike many other websites about hedgehogs, I don’t recommend products based on how much commission I can make if visitors decide to buy.

That’s why I’m shocked when I see sites selling products like hedgehog houses made of cedar wood just to make a quick buck, with no consideration of the toxic nature of the product they are selling.

If a product is NOT good enough or appropriate then you won’t see it on this website, period. I wouldn’t want anyone else’s hedgehog to come to harm, just like I wouldn’t want my little Hynee to be harmed.